LOHERB Rooms and Price List

Posted on 02 July 2021

In recent years, the trend of renting entire accommodations for vacations has gained popularity, especially following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Staying in a whole vacation rental property in Yilan has become the preferred choice for many travelers. So, what are the advantages of staying in a vacation rental or cottage resort?

Why Choose Vacation Rentals?

The advantages of renting an entire vacation property can be summarized in five key points:
【Privacy and No Disturbance】:Since you have the entire place to yourself, you can enjoy your time with family and friends without worrying about disturbing others in the same building.
【Cleanliness and Peace of Mind】:Unlike crowded hotels with numerous guests, vacation rentals have a simpler flow of people, offering greater cleanliness and peace of mind.
【Ideal for Gatherings】:Vacation rentals often provide dedicated communal spaces, allowing more opportunities for interaction among your traveling group.
【Family and Child-Friendly】:Renting an entire property gives children a larger and safer play area, making it more family-friendly.
【Cost-Effective】:Vacation rentals are typically chosen for group travel, and with a larger group, you can often negotiate for better prices. This makes the cost per person more affordable.

Loherb Yilan Resort

Loherb is a medium-sized cottage resort with three separate main buildings, namely F, A, and T buildings. Within the resort, each building has its own distinct facilities, and there are outdoor spaces for guests to relax. Additionally, the resort features the independently operated Cuisine Loherbrestaurant, allowing guests to enjoy exquisite dining without leaving the premises. It's the perfect choice for those who want a high-quality vacation rental experience and prefer to spend their entire day within the property.
Loherb Yilan Resort Map
Cuisine Loherb Set Menu

Loherb Entire Property Rental Rates

A Building consists of two separate quadruple rooms, accommodating up to 8 guests without extra beds and a maximum of 10 guests.
F Building offers 6 double rooms, with the option to add extra beds in the deluxe room type. Without extra beds, it can accommodate up to 12 guests and a maximum of 15 guests.
Additionally, the ground floor of F Building is occupied by the Cuisine Loherb restaurant, while the upper floors serve as undisturbed accommodation areas.
T Building comprises 6 double rooms, accommodating up to 12 guests without extra beds and a maximum of 17 guests. Among them, the Purpleheart Sandalwood room type can be adjusted to accommodate four guests.
Exclusive Room Rate List

Loherb room rates vary depending on the time of year. In general, prices are higher during the summer months of July and August when it's considered peak season, especially on Saturdays and during holidays. During the Chinese New Year period, rates return to their regular prices.

For detailed pricing and information on different room types, you can refer to the Loherb room rate list.

Loherb Online booking system:You can check room availability and rates online and make direct reservations without having to prepay a deposit. The charges can be settled upon arrival, and you only need to provide your credit card information as a guarantee.

We also offer comprehensive information on holidays, festivals, and activities to help you plan your travel itinerary quickly and efficiently.
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