The Loherb Story

Loherb is all about healthy living. From the air we breath, to the environment we live in, to the things we eat - it all matters and we have a strong belief that it should be embraced regularly. The Loherb Group aspires to this philosophy in all of the products and services we offer. In 2013 Loherb Bio was introduced to provide healthy, nutritious foods to improve one’s body and digestion. But this was just the beginning. In 2015 the Loherb Villa built. A majestic, eco-friendly building constructed amongst the natural landscape and farmlands of Yilan County. This coincided with the advent of the outstanding Loherb Cuisine, an elegant restaurant adjoined to the Villa which satisfies our guests as well as hosts formal events.

A very special place

The vision for Loherb Villa was to build something that interacted with the local environment in a friendly, unobtrusive way. Farmlands and natural wetlands surround the building so it was vital for it to not only be constructed so that these important natural resources weren’t harmed in any way, but also make sure that it could blend in and not affect its surroundings as time goes on. We are very proud of this achievement and feel a strong sense of connection with the local environment and community.

The Loherb Way

It is our goal that guests at Loherb Villa will feel the same too. You will be treated to spectacular views from our rooms, spacious environments to relax in and feel the splendour of nature surrounding you. All windows are made with Low-E Glass to allow rooms to be bright from the sun, yet remain cool in high temperatures. Temperatures are further cooled naturally by the plantation of woodlands to the left and right of the building, as well as wooden decks covering the sky-roof. And the wetlands allow heat to be absorbed during the day and released during the night.