Dreams Wedding Do Come True

Posted on 26 August 2019

A dream outdoor wedding, according to your aspirations, unleashes creative touches to adorn a unique ceremony.
Venue Decoration

Customized and Unique Guest Reception

In the LOHERB Hall, a highly customized reception area can be designed to create a unique atmosphere, offering a refreshing experience from the very beginning.
LOHERB Yilan Park Map
F Building & A Building Aerial View of the Park
LOHERB Park Buildings

Enjoying the entire park area

Holding a wedding at LOHERB allows you to have the entire park area, rather than just a small indoor space typical of hotel venues, to create your unique happiness. From above, you can overlook the 3,500-ping park area, complete with indoor and outdoor facilities from the parking lot, ensuring both privacy and spaciousness.
Accommodation Rooms
Bride's Room

No need to worry about accommodation

Even if guests coming from afar need accommodation, there's no need to worry. VILLA  LOHERB offers ample guest rooms, ensuring that attendees can enjoy the wedding as if it were a mini vacation. Additionally, there's a bride's room available for use, providing a comfortable space for makeup and relaxation.
Indoor Restaurant
Table Settings

Elegant and Bright Indoor Seating

A 50-ping bright indoor dining area with glass curtains can accommodate seating for 60 people.
Audiovisual Effects
We have high-lumen projectors, a 110-inch projection screen, two wireless microphones, high-speed wireless internet, audio equipment, extension cords, and audio cables. Combined with underwater lights, we create a cinematic audiovisual experience.
Outdoor Setup
Snack Bar
Outdoor Ceremony

Spacious Outdoor Event Space

A 200-ping outdoor garden area and complimentary bicycles provide ample space for outdoor Wedding Banquet Buffet. The self-service buffet can be set up as a beautiful ceremony venue or a lively cocktail party. Even snacks and drinks are prepared for you to enjoy freely in the self-service area.
Main Course for Wedding Banquet: Surf and Turf Platter

Exclusive Wedding Menu

At CUISINE  LOHERB , the Sunlight Private Kitchen, we offer an Exclusive Wedding Menu that showcases dishes crafted from natural ingredients, presented like works of art. The set menu includes pre-dinner drinks, salads, hearty soups, hot and cold appetizers, main courses, and desserts, creating a symphony of flavors and textures. Additionally, we provide non-alcoholic pre-dinner drinks, ideal for toasting ceremonies.

If you require customized items such as Vegetarian Menu, our professional culinary team at Sunlight Private Kitchen can design and plan them for you. In the independent, elegant, and comfortable environment, enjoy the private kitchen cuisine to the fullest. Sunlight Private Kitchen sincerely invites you to join this feast and witness happiness together!
Actual Presentation
Witnessing Happiness
The venue meal costs are detailed in our Standard Contract, which you can reference. Additionally, we have listed links to wedding-related information to make it easier for everyone to find the information they need quickly.
1.LOHERB Wedding Brief
If you have any needs, feel free to contact us anytime. If you'd like to inquire in person, please remember to make an appointment with our consultants in advance. You can reach us at 03-959-4320 (phone), 03-959-1517 (fax), or via email at service@loherb.com.tw!

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