2023 Loudong Fringefestival

Posted on 26 August 2022

Luo-Dong Fringe Festival, which has been held since 2002, takes place in the heart of Luodong Town, adjacent to the Luodong Night Market. It offers convenience for dining and shopping, making it an ideal destination for a vacation during the summer break. This annual flagship celebration combines art and culture to create a vibrant feast.

The upcoming Luo-Dong Fringe Festival, with its six main themes of "cultural and creative arts, performances, travel, children's fun, street parades, and industry connections," offers a diverse range of cultural activities, adding to the festive atmosphere throughout July.
Here's an overview of the Luo-Dong Fringe Festival events

Opening Ceremony of Luo-Dong Fringe Festival

The opening ceremony begins at 7:00 PM, featuring a performance by the Paper Windmill Theater and the premiere of the play "Zhuge Shirang" in Yilan. Don't miss out!

Date: July 15 (Saturday)
Time: 19:30
Location: Main Stage, Luodong Zhongshan Park

Fairytale Story House

Led by Story Sister, children and adults can explore the history, culture, local delicacies, and festival activities of Luodong through the "Luodong People's Luodong" picture book, taking a journey through time.

Date: July 15-29 (Saturdays)
Time: 19:00-21:00
Location: Children's English Library, Luodong Zhongshan Park

【Luo-Dong Fringe Festival Cup Street Dance Competition】

The fifth edition of the street dance competition invites previous top three teams to perform live, creating a high-energy experience for the audience at Zhongshan Park.

Date: July 22 (Saturday)
Time: 18:30
Location: Main Stage, Luodong Zhongshan Park

Night Parade

With the participation of groups like the Red Nose Circus and the Lanyang Samba Art Dance Troupe, this carnival-like street parade gives a taste of the passionate tropics.

Date: July 26-28 (Wednesday to Friday)
Time: 18:30-20:00
Location: Xingdong Road, Luodong Zhongshan Park

Closing Ceremony of Luo-Dong Fringe Festival Carnival】        

On the last weekend of July, gather at the square of Zhongshan Park to bring this summer carnival to a satisfying conclusion.

Date: July 29 (Saturday)
Time: 18:00-21:00
Location: Square, Luodong Zhongshan Park
Closing Ceremony
Luo-Dong Fringe Festival Map

【Luo-Dong Fringe Festival Information Overview

location:Zhongshan Park, Luodong Town
Transportation:To reach Luodong, take the train to Luodong Train Station and walk straight along Gongzheng Road until you reach Xingdong Road. It's approximately 200 meters to Luodong Zhongshan Park.
Parking:Paid parking is available.

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