Enjoy a Jaunt Alone

Posted on 20 April 2021

In modern life, we are busy studying and working. There are more and more singles. Singles can be used for online shopping, but when you are going to a restaurant and lodging, one person sometimes seems inconvenient.

In LOHERB philosophy, we enjoy traveling alone. In each single journey, we have more opportunities to talk and think with ourselves, explore the inner by external stimuli, and rediscover our heart.
In order to serve singles, Villa LOHERB supply NT $1,000 discount for one person's living. In Cuisine LOHERB, we offer really relaxing space for everyone. It is good for enjoying single time. LOHERB also offer free bike and sightseeing map. Just let's explore the world.
No matter whenever or whatever you are, let's enjoy the moment and find the life's meaning and beauty.

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