No Traffic Jam to Yilan

Posted on 11 July 2022

Highway No. 5 is the main road to Yilan. It must burst every holiday because of popular Yilan sightseeing.There are three non-traffic Jam roads to Yilan. You can avoid driving tide and have fun by these three ways.
1. Beiyi Road (Mountain Line)
Taipei-Xindian-Taiwan Line 9 (Beiyi Highway)-Yilan
2. Coastal Road (sea line)
Taipei-National 1 / National 3-Keelung-Taiwan 2 Line (Coastal Highway)-Yilan
3. Jifu Road (Shanhai Line)
Taipei-Country 1 / Country 3—Wannuan—Taiwan 2 C (Kifu Highway)-Fulong—Taiwan 2 Line (Binhai Highway)-Yilan

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