Yilan World Class Beach

Posted on 08 February 2023

Taiwan is surrounded by the sea on all sides, with a coastline stretching over 1,000 kilometers. Especially on the east coast, where mountains and water meet without being overly developed, it forms a world-class beautiful beach landscape. Sunlight has specially organized the unique and beautiful beach views of Yilan, allowing visitors to choose and write their own beach stories that suit them best.
The most recommended beaches in Yilan areHoney Moon Bay】、【Neipi BeachFenniaolin fishing harbor】、【Glass Beach,Each beach has its own unique characteristics and there are various water activities for you to enjoy to your heart's content.

Honey Moon Bay

Toucheng's Honey Moon Bay is a beautiful horseshoe-shaped bay. Due to its picturesque and romantic scenery, it is often visited by honeymoon couples, hence the name Honey Moon Bay. The beach here has fine sand and clear water, and the blue sea and vast scenery make it suitable for families to play and enjoy the views.
Surfing photo by soonnettv
In addition, as this is a great surfing destination, there are many surf teaching stalls and national competitions held here annually.
Honey Moon Bay
Honey Moon Bay photo by traycxoxo

Neipi Beach

The beach on the south side of Nanfang'ao Fishing Port in Yilan, also known as Lover's Bay, is called Neipi Beach. The sand here is mainly composed of white seashells, and the blue sea is calm and peaceful without any crowds.

It is very suitable for strolling and watching the sunset, as well as wading in the water. However, as this area belongs to a fault submarine terrain, it is not suitable for water activities. Visitors who come here to play should be especially careful.
Lover's Bay

Fenniaolin fishing harbor

Dong'ao Bay Beach is a pebble beach located in a remote and beautiful crescent shape. It is called "Fenniaolin" because pigeons often gather in the small fishing port to the south.
Fenniaolin fishing harbor photo by _yeee.q
To reach Crescent Beach, you need to cross and climb over rocky reefs. This hidden gem is not easily accessible and has not been heavily developed. When the weather is clear, the sea is even more transparent and the reefs are clearly visible in the deep blue water, creating a tranquil and beautiful scenery.
Fenniaolin fishing harbor photo by daisybbu

Glass Beach

Rainbow Glass Beach retains the glass waste that was once left as a garbage mountain. After being polished by the waves for years, it has become colorful glass stones, forming a sparkling and colorful glass beach, hence the name.
The Glass Beach photo by c_chestnut31
The Rainbow Glass Beach features natural pebbles and glass debris from a former garbage dump that have been polished by the waves over the years, forming a colorful and sparkling glass beach. The natural stones and pebbles here come in various transparent, green, and brown colors, creating a unique and stunning beach scenery. Although the scenery is beautiful, this is not a typical tourist attraction. Visitors can only reach the beach by boat or by rappelling down the steep cliff, and the beach is completely submerged during high tide, making it a hidden gem among hidden gems.
The Glass Beach photo by prince_ss0514
cover photo by c_chestnut31

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