Yilan Festival Calendar

Posted on 07 December 2021

Won't be missed in Yilan this year. Let's join the party.

06/01-07/31 <Sea Life Experience>
 The old captain personally took the road to experience the salty air and sweet sea taste of the fishery.
07/06-08/18 <International Children's Art Festival>
The only large-scale international children festival in the country. Experience children's health, lively, curious, creative, full of dreams.
07/07-07/08 <Organic Rice Festival>
Numbers of organic rice and traditional food hand-made experience activities. There are also soil drag racing and rice field football matches.
The beauty of Yilan's is presented by exquisite work in the hands of everyone.
7/13~7/14 <Ocean Culture Music Season>
No matter day and night, music wave is full of enthusiastic and power.
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