Yilan's 8 Major Hiking Trails

Posted on 23 January 2023

Yilan County is located in the northwest of Taiwan and is known for its natural ecology. Here, you can see many beautiful landscapes, such as mountains and rivers, beautiful coastlines, and the vast Yilan Plain.

If you enjoy camping, hiking, or observing nature, then the Yilan Hiking Trail Map is your best choice. Before starting your trip, refer to the Yilan Hiking Trail Map to learn about the local trail features, and you can choose a suitable location based on your ability and preference.
Recommendations for Yilan hiking trails comparison
Here are the top 8 must-visit hiking trails for hiking enthusiasts.

Easy difficulty one-star beginner trail:

Linmei Shihpan Trail

This trail is 1.7 kilometers long and is known as "Yilan's Little Taroko Gorge." It is easy to walk with a gentle slope and abundant ecology. At the end of the trail, you can enjoy the beautiful waterfall scenery, making it suitable for family outings and leisurely hikes.
Linmei Shipan Trail photo by ouu_han

Jianqing Huaigu Trail

This is the "Linmei Shihpan Trail," which is 0.9 kilometers long and is ranked as one of the 28 most beautiful small roads in the world. The trail is flat and easy to walk, and in addition to seeing the forest railway that used to transport wood from the old Taipingshan, on a clear day, you can also enjoy views of the Lanyang Plain and the magnificent sea of clouds.
Jianqing Huaigu Trail photo by lulu8383783

Suao Qixingling Trail

The trail is about 4.7 kilometers long and offers stunning views of the cape and bay of Suao along the way. You can also enjoy panoramic views of the Lanyang Plain, Gueishan Island, and the vast Pacific Ocean. In the summer, after finishing the trail, you can also cool off at the nearby Suao Cold Spring.
Suao Qixingling Trail photo by taiwanbiyori
Suao Qixingling Trail photo by awumamatung
Beginner trail suitable for novices

Advanced trail with two stars in difficulty:

Chaoyang National Trail

The trail is 2.2 kilometers long and consists of a steep section at the beginning, which has a wooden stairway and railroad-tie path constructed by hand, and a flatter section at the end, which retains the original dirt path. There are four observation decks along the trail, offering breathtaking views of the mountains, sea, and pastoral scenery.
Chaoyang National Trail photo by owodog520920

Caoling Old Trail

Located in the mountainous area between Gongliao in New Taipei City and Toucheng in Yilan, with a total length of approximately 10 kilometers, this area is characterized by a rainy and humid climate, and is adorned with lush greenery. In November, during the season of blooming silvergrass, the entire area is covered in a magnificent silver-white sea of flowers, making it the perfect spot for taking photos and capturing memories.
CAOLING OLD TRAIL photo by pierrehuang

Quiet Trail

The trail, which is approximately 4 kilometers long, surrounds Taiwan's largest alpine lake and follows the former timber transport railway line. It provides a four-season experience of enjoying the new greenery in spring, washing away the rain and mist in summer, appreciating the red leaves in autumn, and observing the white snow in winter. Due to the year-round dampness, it is recommended to wear non-slip shoes and pay attention to keeping warm while walking on the trail.
Quiet Trail photo by matongliao
Suitable for experienced intermediates

Three-star challenger trail:

ST. Marian's Hiking Trail

6 kilometers, because the photographer took a photo of the matcha ice cream, which attracted a lot of photos and attracted a large number of people to go to Chaochao. . experience, go to see the beautiful scenery.
ST. MARIAN’S HIKING TRAIL photo by ddd_520
ST. MARIAN’S HIKING TRAIL photo by kaka__407

Paoma Historic Trail

This route spans approximately 5 miles and was used by early settlers for transportation and supply purposes. While the ancient trail has been renovated and widened, it still retains the round log pillows and wooden horses used for transport, allowing visitors to experience the diligent footsteps of the past. The trail passes through geologically sensitive areas prone to landslides and rockfalls, so it is important to check the weather and road conditions before setting out. It is not recommended to visit during heavy rainfalls.
Paoma Historic Trail photo by ebath
Suitable for seasoned challenger trails
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