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Posted on 09 December 2020

Yilan is surrounded by mountains on three sides and faces the Pacific Ocean to the east. The natural environment has nurtured a rich ecology and culture, making it a popular destination for city dwellers to relax. However, on weekends or holidays, the Xueshan Tunnel and flat roads are always crowded with traffic and people, especially popular tourist destinations in 2020 such as Jiaoxi Matcha Mountain, Luodong Zhongxing Cultural and Creative Park, and Suao Neipi Lover's Bay.
Guishan Island is one of the most prominent impressions people have of Yilan

So, how can we enjoy a leisurely trip in Yilan? Check out our tips and practical strategies for avoiding traffic and crowds! Relax and explore Yilan's popular destinations in 2021, including Matcha Mountain, Zhongxing Cultural and Creative Park, and Lover's Bay.

【Jiaoxi Matcha Mountain】

One of the most searched and planned travel destinations during the 2020 holiday season was the Matcha Mountain in Wufongqi National Scenic Area, which was popularized by Japanese photographer Ken Wu Kobayashi on Instagram. To explore this dreamy location, visitors must first conquer the 5.3-kilometer-long St. Mary's Villa hiking trail, which has varying elevations and takes approximately 6 hours round trip.

For those who want to avoid crowds while visiting Matcha Mountain, here are some reminders:

1.Wufongqi Visitor Center Parking Lot:Only 112 parking spaces are available on site for visitors, and there is no parking lot available in front of the Matcha Mountain trailhead.
2.It is recommended to stay in the Yilan area the night before:To get to the Matcha Mountain trailhead, take the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Jiouxi A-Line from Jiaoxi Train Station to Wufongqi National Scenic Area Station, which takes about 15 minutes by car followed by a 15-minute walk. It is recommended to stay in the Yilan area the night before and head up the mountain early in the morning.
In addition to the Maokong mountain, the Linye Shibapan Trail is also very beautiful

【Note the Jiaoxi Interchange or Jiaoxi Train Station】
For drivers taking the Xueshan Tunnel, the Jiaoxi Interchange is the first interchange they reach and also the most congested during peak hours. It is recommended to plan the return trip from Jiaoxi to Taipei outside of weekend evenings to avoid being stuck in traffic for hours before the interchange. Alternatively, visitors can choose to take the Jiaoxi Train Station to connect to other destinations.
The platform of Jiaoxi Train Station

What should I do if Maokong is crowded with people?】

An alternative suggestion could be a half-day trip to Toucheng Old Street.

Toucheng Station > Toucheng Old Street > Small Cool Round Ice Shop > Dakan Bike Trail > Octagonal Pavilion > Fish Season Sashimi & Donburi Japanese Cuisine > Toucheng Station
Toucheng Old Street attractions

【Chung Hsing Cultural and Creative Park】

The hottest IG check-in spot in Luodong recently features industrial ruins, historical buildings, and other abandoned installation arts. Combined with different exhibition contents, it attracts a large number of culture seekers and internet celebrities to take photos. In addition to taking beautiful photos, you can also go to the occasional cultural and creative market to discover treasures and participate in parent-child DIY courses. It is a gathering place for creative energy and inspiration seekers.

Here are a few tips for those who want to avoid crowds and take photos with enough ruin and desolation:

1.Make good use of photography composition:Make good use of the warehouse door, wall surface, reflection, and installation art frames to focus the visual lens and avoid the crowds.
2.Choose the morning or evening time periodThe light is best during the morning and evening, and there are also fewer crowds.
3.Sign up for a handicraft course:If there are too many people, just sign up for a handmade DIY course first, such as pottery, ceramic cup making, or dried flower bouquet.
There is an apocalyptic atmosphere in the Chung Hsing Cultural and Creative Park at night
Techniques for photographing reflections
Preparations for the weekend market at Chung Hsing Cultural and Creative Park are underway during the day
Pay attention to the Luodong Interchange
For drivers taking the Snow Tunnel, the "Luodong Interchange" is the third interchange they will reach and is also a congested location during peak hours. It is recommended to avoid weekend evenings when returning to Taipei from Luodong, to avoid being stuck for several hours before reaching the interchange. Alternatively, one can choose to take the Luodong train station shuttle to travel to other destinations.
Luodong Train Station and Luodong Bus Transfer Station are only separated by one road

【Where should I go if I encounter a crowded situation in Luodong?

An alternative suggestion is to change the plan and take a half-day trip to Dongshan Old Street instead.

Dongshan Station > Dongshan Old Street > IBU Kitchen X Dongguashan Bookstore > Dongshan River Eco-Green Boat > Zozo Qing Shui Handmade Desserts & Coffee > Grain Barn Café's French creative cuisine > Yilan Sanqimei Trail > Dongshan Station
Dongshan attractions

 【Neipi Beach (also known as Lover's Bay)】

Facing the Pacific Ocean, the sand dunes and the C-shaped crescent of the beautiful Moon Bay, backed by the mountains and facing the sea, appear calm and pleasant between the big waves and mountain winds. It is a private bay for Nanfang'ao residents. The hidden topography attracts couples to come here for dates, but the steep beach is not suitable for wading or watching waves at the shore.

If you want to avoid the crowds on the shore, it is recommended to enjoy the sea view from different angles. Here are some tips:

1.Go to Nan-An Junior High School: At the end of the beach, Nan-An Junior High School is a school without walls, where you can capture the view of the Inner Bay, the beach, the playground, and the cluster of red buildings.
2.Go to North Shore Park: Next to the Inner Bay Beach, North Shore Park has a children's playground with a giant bowl slide and other play equipment.
3.Go to Shao-An Scenic Platform: The high point of Nan-Fang-Ao Fishing Port is the Shao-An Scenic Platform of Nan-An Elementary School, where you can see the panoramic views of Inner Bay Beach, Nan-Fang-Ao Cross-Sea Bridge, and Gueishan Island.
Here are the best viewpoints to overlook Neipi Beach
From a high point, you can see that there are only a few meters between Nan-An Junior High School and the Pacific Ocean
Please be mindful of the Su'ao Interchange 
When driving through the Snow Mountain Tunnel, the "Su'ao Interchange" is the fourth interchange that drivers will encounter. However, it is not prone to traffic congestion on the return trip. It is recommended to take advantage of this interchange when possible.
Before the collapse, Nanfang'ao Bridge was the main road for many travelers to Inner Bay Lover's Bay

【What to do when encountering crowds in Neipi?

A suggested alternative plan is to visit Nanfang'ao Fishing Village for a half-day tour.

South Bay Tourist Center > Nan Tian Gong Jin Ma Zu Temple > Fu Mei Huo Seafood Restaurant > Ocean Bookstore > Nan An Elementary School > South Bay Observation Deck > Suao Brick Oven Pizza DIY
Su'ao Attractions

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