Happy Mother's Day

Posted on 01 May 2024

Express gratitude for a mother's years of hard work with the most romantic French meals and bouquets in all of Yilan, creating an unforgettable, meticulously planned moment for mom.
Pay tribute to mom with delicious meals
Loherb Special Mix: Imperial Lychee Sparkling Drink

To comfort mothers for their year-long dedication, Loherb has prepared a non-alcoholic Imperial Lychee Sparkling Drink for dining guests, allowing everyone to raise a glass before the meal and express their love for their beloved mothers.

Mother's Day Exclusive Dessert

Throughout May, Loherb's star chef has specially designed a private chef-made dessert for Mother's Day, inspired by the traditional Taiwanese snack of red bean rice cakes and combined with Yilan's specialty, the ox tongue pastry, to create a featured dessert with a layered sweet taste, thanking mothers for their long-lasting tender care.
Mother’s Day Cuisine Loherb Handmade Dessert: Golden Shisui Cake
Give mom the most lavish treat with a surf and turf feast.
Beyond the special Mother's Day desserts, every dish at Loherb is as picturesque as a poem, complemented by carnation bouquets on the table, making it most suitable for the romantic occasion of Mother’s Day.
Loherb Mother’s Day Special Edition: Surf and Turf Feast
Mother’s Day Table Bouquet

Write down your love for mom】

From May 1st until Mother's Day, Loherb specially prepares handwritten cards for dining guests, allowing everyone to convey those endless thanks that are hard to say on regular days, with sincere handwritten words to the beloved mothers, and take a warm group photo at the selfie wall.
Mother’s Day Selfie Signboard
Write a card to express your gratitude to mother

Mother’s Day Bouquet Scenery Wall

For mothers, the most important thing is to create beautiful memories with the family. Loherb has specially arranged a bouquet scenery wall, allowing the whole family to take photos and check-in at mom's favorite romantic scene, leaving endless wonderful memories.
Loherb Park's Seasonal Flowers
In addition to indoor bouquet arrangements, there are many seasonal flowers in the outdoor area of Loherb, including edible flowers that are integrated into Cuisine Loherb’s dishes, which are not only good-looking but also delicious.
To all mothers around the world, you have worked hard.

【Loherb Mother's Day Specia】

Event Date: May 1st - May 12th
Reservation Method: Phone reservations at 03-959-4320 or online reservations.
Event Details: Handwritten cards to express feelings & Imperial Lychee Sparkling Drink & chef's special desserts & bouquet selfie scenery wall & table carnation arrangement.
Event Address: No. 372, Baofu Road, Dongshan Township, Yilan County.

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