Free Bike Sharing in Yilan

Posted on 29 December 2020

In Yilan, you can enjoy a leisurely bike ride and admire the pastoral scenery and various beautiful views along the way. Sunlight has specially compiled a Yilan crazy bike map for nearby attractions. Let's follow the crazy bike map and explore the beauty of Yilan together.
For the Yilan crazy bike itinerary, we recommend starting from Sunlight, as there are free bicycle rentals and ample parking spaces available. Customers can also get a free bike map by dining at the restaurant, making it a great zero-budget option for exploring Yilan. There are three suggested routes for the Yilan crazy bike adventure: 1. Family-friendly Waterfront Route, 2. Seasonal Scenic Route, and 3. Intermediate-level Green Boat Route.
1.Family-friendly Waterfront Route
Most friends recommend taking the family-friendly waterfront route, which features a dedicated bicycle path that cars cannot drive on and a relatively flat and comfortable route. Along the way, you can admire the beautiful scenery of rice paddies by the river and catch a distant view of the red landmark, the Dongshan River Lizé Bridge. If you get tired, there are green carpets of trees and grass along the riverbank where you can take a break and relax.
The family-friendly waterfront route follows the Dongshan River and passes through the Feihong Bridge on the ancient trail, allowing you to ride all the way to the Yilan Children's Festival venue, the Dongshan River Water Park.
There are clear signs along the way to the Water Park, and on the way back, you can also see the architecture of Sunlight in the distance, so you don't have to worry about getting lost.
2.Seasonal Scenic Route
This route may overlap with some sections of the car lane, but there are not many vehicles on the road, making it still convenient for cycling. The Seasonal Scenic Route leads to two seasonal attractions: the Wu Jia Wetland in Dongshan, Yilan, and the Brown Boulevard.
Wu Jia Wetland is a unique and picturesque attraction in the Dongshan area of Yilan, especially from December to February when many migratory birds come to roost. It takes about 30-60 minutes to ride a bicycle from Jiguang, and there are beautiful ecological views along the way, making it a very comfortable and leisurely ride.
The wetland of Wushijia along the coast is full of spike dice flowers, which bloom from July to September. The flowers only last for one night, from dusk to the next morning, like a short and brilliant fireworks display.
Brown Boulevard is a unique scenic spot in Yilan's Dongshan area during the transition from winter to summer. At this time, the rice paddies are full and golden, and the view from the sky terrace, which is built around June each year, is even more spectacular when looking down from above!
During the event at the viewing platform, there will be traffic control in place, and cars will not be allowed to enter. It only takes a little over 10 minutes to ride a bicycle from Jiaoxi to Yilan's Brown Boulevard, making cycling a more convenient and relaxed option.
3.Moderate Green River Route
This route leads to the ecological Green Boat Island located next to the train station. It is a relatively long distance and requires passing through a highway, so it is not recommended for travelers with young children. Here, you can appreciate the beautiful scenery of coexistence between humans and nature, and learn to live a green life humbly with nature.
Ecological Green Boat Island is a forest park created with the theme of nature education, habitat conservation, and protection. It features regular exhibitions and installations of art and is definitely worth a visit!
The Dongshan Railway Station is known as the most beautiful train station in Taiwan. Its overall design echoes the shape of winter melons on Donggua Mountain, and it is surrounded by large green fields and old streets, making it a perfect place for visitors to explore.
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