Have Fun in Jianiaoyuan Duck Farm

Posted on 18 December 2022

The Jia Niao Yuan duck farm transformed from a traditional duck coop to a technology-based duck community. The old wood from the duck coop was carbonized and cut to become a part of the wooden house construction, symbolizing the spirit of Jia Niao Yuan's continuation and regeneration. They raise healthy and non-toxic ducks through humane and friendly breeding methods, realizing a cycle of mutual symbiosis between ducks, fish, vegetables, fruits, and rice.
Jia Niao Yuan Park Map.

【Special features and highlights of Jia Niao Yuan duck farm】

Main attractions for visitors:【ㄚㄚ's HouseLandscape areaRice-duck zoneExperience area

【ㄚㄚ's House】

Jia Niao Yuan's duck dormitory is designed with a five-layer roof structure that utilizes arched roofs to allow for natural air flow. Large windows provide ample natural lighting indoors. To cope with the rainy climate in Yilan, functional drainage columns are installed to ensure smooth drainage of rainwater.
Duck dormitory
In this area, visitors can directly see the ducks through the glass windows and have the experience of touching the ducklings.
Newly hatched ducklings.

There is also an open feeding area where visitors can feed the ducks and fish.
Experience feeding the ducks by hand.
Visitors can also feed the colorful koi fish.
Through various introductions of ducks, children and adults alike can learn about different breeds of ducks and gain a wealth of knowledge.

【Experience area.】

At Jia Niao Yuan, the excrement of healthy-eating ducks can be reused. After undergoing sedimentation and conversion, it becomes the best composting material, which is used to grow vegetables, rice, flowers, and trees. When the plants mature, they become part of the duck feed again, creating a cycle of everything taken from and used for the ducks.

【Rice-duck zone.】

The most proud feature of Jia Bird Garden is its organic rice and duck farming area. The entire area utilizes the recycling of water resources and the duck excrement is fermented and settled to produce green algae fertilizer, which becomes a natural feed for fish. The water then enters the aquatic plants, aquatic flowers, aquatic vegetables, rice and duck symbiotic area, where the water is purified again before being discharged, achieving the effect of environmental protection and water resources reuse.
The beauty of duck-rice symbiosis.

【Experience area.】

The rest area, converted from the old duck dormitory, provides dining seats that can be offset with admission tickets. Here, in addition to eating cake and drinking coffee, you can also taste duck egg-related processed foods and experience DIY handcrafts, enjoying the fun of mosaic tiles.

【The wading pool】

The park has a shallow wading pool where children can play and experience the feeling of being in the water like ducks. There is also a resting area for parents nearby, making it a perfect summer option for cooling off.
Cooling splash pool.
Jia Bird Park, which practices the concept of environmental conservation and sustainability, has created a modern duck park that combines education and entertainment. It has turned duck farming into a stylish and fun activity.

Jiato Yuan Duck Farm

Address:No. 209, Kailan Road, Wusha Village, Jiaoxi Township, Yilan County
Transportation:Suggestion it is recommended to drive there.
Parking:Free parking lot in the park area.
Note:The admission ticket is 100 NT dollars, and the full amount can be used for purchases in the park.
cover photo by chaoyiju
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