The Picturesque Yilan Plum Blossom Lake

Posted on 01 November 2022

Meihua Lake, surrounded by mountains on three sides, is named after its shape resembling a plum blossom with five petals, giving it an elegant and romantic nickname.
Spending a wonderful afternoon at Meihua Lake photo by trista.1214
Meihua Lake, located in Dongshan Township, is easily accessible by public transportation. Visitors can take the "Green 25" bus (limited service on Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays,Timetable) from the Luodong Train Station and arrive at the lake in about 30 minutes.
Picturesque Meihua Lake photo by j.s_mengs
Electric-assisted bicycle around the lake

【Cycling around the lake】

Along the circular trail around Meihua Lake, visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the lake and surrounding mountains while cycling and feeling the gentle breeze. The trail is 2.2 kilometers in length and has no steep slopes, making it an easy and enjoyable challenge even for those who do not exercise regularly.
Meihua Lake Scenery photo by sienna_0409

【Taking a boat tour on Meihua Lake】

Taking a boat tour on Meihua Lake is another way to enjoy the scenery. The boat ride around the lake takes about 15 minutes, and the ticket prices are 75 NT dollars for adults and 35 NT dollars for children.

【Meals at Meihua Lake】

here are also many delicious foods around Meihua Lake, such as:Little Bear Book HouseTian-Ei CafeTao Hua Yuan Beef Noodle.All of them are highly recommended by many travelers.
Lake Heart Suspension Bridge

【Meihua Lake Ironman】

In addition to its picturesque scenery, Meihua Lake also hosts an annual Ironman triathlon. When the Ironmen gather together to swim across the lake, the passionate and magnificent scene adds another level of charm to the peaceful landscape.
Meihua Lake Scenic Area

【Meihua Lake】

Official website: Meihua Lake Scenic Area
Phone: +886-3-9612888
Hours: Open 24 hours
Address: No. 1, Dapi Rd., Dongshan Township, Yilan County, Taiwan
Admission: Free
Parking: Paid parking lot available.

cover photo by tsai.yuuu_

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