Important of Breakfast

Posted on 11 September 2021

After an overnight of sleep, human body need a lot of energy to grow and repair. Not eating breakfast may lead to memory loss, constipation, and decreased metabolism to form a fat body. Therefore, breakfast is extremely important for health, and a nutritious breakfast can make you more energetic and improve your study and work efficiency.
What kind of breakfast is healthy? According to USAD my plate guide, the diet can be divided into four categories: grains, protein, vegetables, and fruits. The diet principle is half fruits and vegetables, half grain, and a piece of dairy. Breakfast is noted to be calorie-controlled, rich in protein, and sufficient high-fiber fruits and vegetables.

Carefully selected drinks is easy to ignore. In order to reduce the cost and improve the taste, most breakfast and convenience store drinks use a large amount of refined sugar or chemically synthesized creamer. It increases the risk of obesity and cardiovascular disease. If you can choose a drink made from natural fruits and vegetables or milk, it will not only increase the appetite to replenish moisture, but also take healthy of nutrients.

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