Celebrate New Year in Yilan

Posted on 08 July 2023

Consider heading to Yilan for an extraordinary New Year's celebration. Whether you want to join the lively crowd at a colorful evening party, count down to the new year with your closest ones, or stay up late to watch the sunrise, Yilan has it all to meet your needs. Together, let's put a perfect end to 2023 and step into 2024.

Vibrant and lively New Year's Eve party

For those who enjoy the bustling atmosphere of crowds, consider joining the New Year's Eve party at Zhongshan Park next to the Luodong Night Market. In addition to a spectacular New Year's concert, the highlight is the grand prize raffle, featuring a variety of major prizes each year, including home appliances!

I also highly recommend the New Year's Eve party at Luna Plaza. The venue boasts department store and five-star hotel facilities. The high-quality performance lineup is eagerly anticipated each year. Enjoy fireworks in a premium environment, feel the joyous and warm atmosphere on-site, and count down together to welcome the New Year.
New Year's Eve Party

Enjoy the undisturbed final countdown moments

If you prefer to avoid crowds and wish to celebrate the New Year intimately with close friends or your partner, Loherb and Cuisine Loherb are perfect for you. Loherb is located next to Dongshan River Water Park and the 52-hectare Wetlands, offering a tranquil and comfortable natural setting. Here, you can enjoy delicious meals carefully prepared by nutritionists and international chefs. After returning to your room, you can relax in a hot bath and count down to the New Year while lying comfortably on a soft, large bed, watching the New Year's broadcast projected conveniently for your viewing pleasure.
Enjoy a delicious dinner at Cuisine Loherb photo by maggie.tw37
Additionally, taking a bath in the Jiaoxi hot springs is also a great choice. There are various types of bathhouses available, where you can enjoy the night view, relax your body and mind, and reward yourself for a year's hard work, all while comfortably welcoming the New Year.
Loherb Sky Garden

Welcome the first sunrise of the New Year

If you want to witness the New Year's sunrise, Turtle Island offers the clearest view of the dawn. Taking a boat trip around the island allows you to admire the sun's gentle rise from the sea, making it a uniquely special experience for the New Year's Day.
Turtle Island Sunrise photo by jimmy_trj66
Taipingshan is also a famous spot in Yilan for sunrise views. You can enjoy it from the Bong Bong Train Station platform or the Taipingshan Villa observation deck. The visual impact of the morning sun piercing through the dreamlike, misty sea of clouds, creating a splendid spectacle, is absolutely unforgettable.
Taipingshan Cui Feng Lake Sunrise photo by pukemagogo

A special reminder: if you want to attend a party, visit various businesses for gatherings, take a boat, or go hiking to see the sunrise, you must make reservations in advance and plan your schedule accordingly. During special festivals, there are many people, and you won't be able to participate if you go there directly without prior arrangements.

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